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  • International School Policy

    Cambridge International School has always joined hands to make our curriculum developed to expose the children to wide range of cultures and activities that can connect students globally. Our students are encouraged to be confident global citizens, who are prepared with academic as well as ethical education for a life time. In this instant and global era, the school is providing wide range of activities through which students can think logically. Education for global citizenship gives children and young people the opportunity to develop critical thinking about complex global issues that are serious concern in the modern era


    Cambridge International School helps students to learn to better understand how the world is connected. Our school supports young people who are interested in global interdependencies and want to make a change for the better. The school is dedicated to global learning that facilitates the acquisition of new experiences and making a difference collaboratively in an inter-connected and changing world.

    Aims and Objectives of the International Policy:

    The School motto is “World is One”

    To develop the inner and outer talents of the students and to provide them a place where they can be acknowledged in the different parts of the world.

    To nurture students in way where they can break the set barriers and equip themselves with various art forms, literatures and education systems prevalent in the world .

    To pursue a high tech approach in the school so that pupils are technologically advanced and they are self sufficient to use technology as a means to connect with other cultures.

    To establish links with students and educators of other countries and schools across the globe and to maintain those international links for the learning of the students.

    To create a learning space where students can become more sympathetic, caring, benign towards the flora and fauna of the entire world.

    To provide school staff a space where they can equip themselves with international teaching aids and use them comfortably in the classroom for student’s development.

    To make children sensitive about global issues and to encourage them to take steps to put joint efforts to bring a radical change.

    To teach children about various cultures, traditions and to enrich them with core values accepting global cultures without any discrimination